Information About the Unum Class
Action Filed By Quadrino Schwartz

  • We were the first long-term disability insurance law firm in the United States to bring a class action lawsuit against UnumProvident, Unum, Paul Revere, First Unum, Provident, and other UnumProvident subsidiaries (n/k/a "Unum") to stop and correct their illegal disability claims practices. That first class action lawsuit was filed by Quadrino Schwartz in New York in November of 2002.
  • After the transfer of the case to Tennessee, to be joined with other class actions against Unum, it was approved in September of 2007 as a "certified" class action, but that decision was subsequently reversed by a federal appeals court.
  • We kept up the fight for over eight (8) years against UnumProvident, now called Unum. ┬áDespite the setback regarding class certification in Tennessee, we continued to seek additional reforms to Unum's claims practices and an injunction to stop the use of financial budgets and targets in the denial or termination of disability claims. For more information about our successes, our attorneys, and the premier disability insurance law firm in the U.S., visit us at:
  • The case sought recovery for clients who obtained their disability coverage through their employers. Many of those group insurance policies are governed by a federal law called "ERISA".
  • Before starting the case, we conducted many years of investigation and research into the practices of UnumProvident and its subsidiaries. Armed with our extensive knowledge of ERISA law and our many years of experience in conducting litigation on a large-scale basis, we commenced and pursued the largest ERISA disability class action lawsuit ever attempted.
  • Starting in November of 2002, we took the fight to UnumProvident and their attorneys, obtaining significant results and gaining protections for literally hundreds of thousands of people throughout the United States. For example:
  • Our legal Complaint, filed in the federal court in New York, was vigorously attacked by UnumProvident's lawyers, who attempted to get the case dismissed. We were successful in defeating UnumProvident on each and every legal issue raised by them.
  • When UnumProvident violated court orders to preserve documents and destroyed some of their internal company emails, Quadrino & Schwartz vigorously fought the company, obtaining a critical court decision in our favor.
  • Based upon the email destruction and UnumProvident's failure to fully secure other critical documents, we pressed UnumProvident to gather and secure other documents, and they resisted. When we brought this issue to the court, UnumProvident was ordered to promptly seize critical internal company files from the desks and offices of UnumProvident vice presidents and other managers, so that they could be secured for future review.
If you would like a free consultation to find out if we can assist you with your case against Unum, UnumProvident, Paul Revere, Provident, or on any claim handled by any of those companies, please fill out our inquiry form at: or call us at 1-800-745-1755.

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